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Who are we?


A non-profit organization whose goal is to provide children in the Revere Community with adequate food on weekends.


Each weekend when school is in session.


Parents/guardians of children who are eligible for free or reduced lunch have the option to “Opt In.” Others may be enrolled throughout the school year by a school administrator should the need arise.


Three breakfasts, two snacks, and three entree items are packed by students in Revere High School each week of the school year. Preschoolers receive additional breakfasts and snacks as they have longer weekends. Extra food is provided for long weekends or holiday breaks. The food is discretely distributed to the children. Neither the Revere Power Pack Program nor tthe students who pack know the recipients’ names.


No child should be concerned about having enough food. Events sometimes change circumstances and finances within a household and, as a community, we need to be prepared to assist when needed.

Monetary donations made payable to the Revere Power Pack Program are tax deductible and may be mailed to The Revere Power Pack Program, PO Box 648, Bath, Ohio 44210.